Funginix: Is It the Best Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Nail fungus turns nails into an ugly mess and can be near to impossible to get rid of. Those suffering from toenail or fingernail fungus will need a remedy that can kill the infection and clear nails fast without causing side effects. In this Funginix review, we’ll discuss whether this over the counter medicine really works to treat toenail fungus infection, fingernail fungus and foot fungus.

Funginix Maker

Funginix is made by Sisquoc Healthcare, one of the leading manufacturers of naturopathic home remedies. In addition to nail fungus, they make and sell potent formulas that address a variety of medical issues including ringworm, herpes, and skinny lashes. The company only uses potent, FDA-approved natural ingredients that work with the body’s natural healing processes.Funginix

About Fuginix

Funginix is a topical, liquid medication that contains a number of fungus-fighting ingredients such as:

  • Camphor: Derived from wood and mint leaves, this substance has anesthetic and antimicrobial properties.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, this oil is famous for its antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that eradicate infections fast.
  • Rose Hip Flower Oil: This oil contains retinol, vitamin C, and essential fatty acids that work to strengthen nails made brittle by the fungus.
  • Menthol: A substance extracted from peppermint and other mint oils, it has been known to relieve itching and minor pain.

This all-natural remedy doesn’t cause side effects and works on mild, moderate, and severe fungal infections. It works faster than many home remedies because of its high level of potency. It’s easy to apply and comes with a convenient applicator that makes it effortless to stick to the recommended dosage schedule. If you are ready to get rid of nail fungi, click here to purchase Funginix direct from the manufacturer.

Does Funginix Really Work?funginix

You want to buy Funginix but you also want to make certain the product works. That is understandable, and we invested a good amount of time into determining if the product lives up to its claims. In an effort to assist customers with their purchase decisions, we solicited customer feedback making sure to pay close attention to consumer testimonials. We also hunted down and looked at a number of Funginix reviews, both positive and negative as well as considered before and after pictures submitted by current users of the product.

Based on what we’ve learned, it appears Funginix does kill the fungus that causes nails to turn black, yellow, or green and become deformed. Many people who used the product began seeing healthy nail growing within two weeks. However, these people only had mild to moderate cases of nail fungus. People with severe infections reported that it took at least a month before they got relief from the signs and symptoms of nail fungus.

Of course, there were some people who called Funginix a scam because they were not able to remove their fungal infections using the product. A couple of notes about this. First, not all medications will work for everyone because each person’s biology is different. Most people that used Funginix, however, got results and the percentage of people who didn’t was very small. Secondly, many of these people admitted to not using the product as directed which may have contributed to their failure to cure the nail disease.

Dosage and Application Procedure for Best Results

For best results, apply Funginix to the affected nails twice per day. Wash the nails first and then work the solution deep into and under the nail plate and cuticles. Wait about 5 minutes before putting on socks or shoes. It is critical to keep feet and nails dry. Nail fungus thrives in warm moist areas. If your feet sweat during the day, use a powder in your shoes that absorb excess moisture.

To avoid reoccurrences of the infection, use until the nail is completely clear of the fungus.

Where to Buy Funginix Nail Fungus Treatment? Is It Available in Stores or at Walmart or Walgreens?

Sisquoc wants customers to get the lowest price available on Funginix, so they only sell the product through their official website rather than on EBay, Amazon, or other retailers. It is safe to order online and you can buy Funginix in UK, Australia, Germany, USA, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, India, Malaysia and other places where you happen to be. They give discounts on multiple orders, ship anywhere in the world, and offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Take action against nail fungus now. Click here to order Funginix.


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